15 Inspirational Quotes By Walt Handelsman

Posted on Tue Feb 20, 2018 Posted By Admin

1.  It’s fun to take two topics and mix them into one cartoon.
2.  Student cartoonists as well as professionals should always be careful that they’re not doing a cartoon that already has been done.
3.  There are a lot of really great cartoonists out there. It’s nice to be thought of as one of them.
4.  I don’t think you can beat your audience over the head with hard-hitting cartoons day after day after day.
5.  I work hard at my job, and I guess hard work pays off.
6.  Political hypocrisy and racism make me hot under the collar.
7.  Be happy that you’re growing older, that you’re maturing, that you’re smarter, that you’re wiser.
8.  With a standard editorial cartoon, you’re taking tons of information and synthesizing it down to a single bite – a single moment in time. With animated editorial cartoons, it’s more storytelling.
9.  It’s one thing to get a letter from your kid at camp telling you he wants to come home. It’s another to get a letter from a grown child saying they’re coming back to live with you!
10. We have to be able to poke fun at ourselves.
11. Youth is really in your attitude, not in what you look like.
12. Once Clinton won, I started picking on him.
13. I think some days you should do a cartoon that is absolutely just for the laugh, and some days you should do a cartoon that just punches the reader right in the stomach. It’s kind of nice to mix it up.
14. Animated editorial cartoons are completely different from static editorial cartoons.
15. People really love editorial cartoons, and I think publishers understand that.