common things between modi putin and trump

Posted on Thu Jul 27, 2017
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All the 3 are national leaders, one of largest capitalist democracy, other of a large Communist and the third the leader of a third world developing democracy limping ro progress for past 70 years due to majority most inept and corrupt self serving leaders and administration at all levels with least national sprit, with power but no potential, fooling around with their people and the nation resulting in reverse progress not all inclusive and over 80% of population below poverty level, due to ill managed national resources.

similarities between modi and putin
Modi’s personality and lifestyle is shaped by RSS, while Putin is shaped by KGB. Hence, we hear the term ‘hardcore nationalist’.
Both have maintained their highest approval ratings in their country and portrays themselves as a strong leader, at least among all the alternatives available. However there are many who disagree with there way of politics.
2002 still haunts Modi with a communal figure, likewise Putin is called a conspiracy man behind 1999 apartment blasts. Surprisingly or coincidentally their political life also started just after those events, and since then they are continuously under limelight of media.
At Domestic level, they are well covered by media houses, having an aura to move public attentions progressively. They are always surrounded by the diplomats and ministers who keeps on praising them unnecessarily.
Both are stuck in a basic problems such as poverty and rising crimes. But are working hard to take all measures.
They are suffering from the lack of strong opposition syndrome. Its dangerous and suspicious.

Modi is tidy with his daily routine and is always right time. Putin is so late in everything, starting his day in afternoon after swimming. But both are fit and healthy. Their wealth are also not comparable by far.
Elections in India are genuine and matters a lot to Modi. He has to face massive opposition grid from Center level to Municipality level. Whereas elections in Russia is a joke, and Duma lacks genuine opposition. So from Vladivostok to St Petersburg, he is chief in charge, giving him single handling of power.
Economy and GDP are quit good and satisfactory under Modi. Businesses are going nice. But Putin is running the biggest country when Ruble and Oils are not favoring Russia, keeping businesses to all time low.
At International level:
Modi is new in the geopolitical game. So he is not taking Syrian and South China issues so openly. He is received warmly by everyone, be it from Pakistan to Fiji and to US, at least by protocol. Border issues are taken differently in different countries. He cares for USA and UN suggestions. Besides of his high profile shows and speeches abroad, he is unable to influence international media and politics to an extent as compared to Putin.
Putin meant business everywhere. He do not looks for the fancy protocol you will provide him. He is the master of geopolitical game and has been shaking hands with Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump. Convincing him for any international issues is not an easy task. He is hours late for any bilateral meet to any leaders. He simply don’t care for UN and US suggestions if there are any issues related with Russia.
If you keep hatred with Modi, and meet him personally, he will greet you with same charm and behaves friendly, at least in front of you. While it will be very regretful to face Putin under those situations.
Modi is tensed from Pakistan only, while Putin is confronting from his immediate border to far east with a heavy sanctions against Russia.
Modi is full time active person on social media. He gives his hourly updates through Facebook and Twitter. Strangely, he has not taken any open press conferences so far. Putin, on the other hand do not believe in communicating through those social media based in US. He takes open press conferences twice a year in which journalists are kept waiting and asking for 4–5 long hours.