Never Blame Anyone In Your Life

Posted on Thu Jul 27, 2017
Posted By Admin

People do live scars in your life and many tragedies could have been avoided if only the right decision was made but it is crazy to hold anyone responsible for your life because you can change your situation or circumstances; You can have an awesome life even though life might seem like a pain.

So If you are going through a painful experience or you feel that life has cheated on you, don’t blame anyone because you can write you own story.


I have had the opportunity of meeting good people. They have this aura of happiness around them which makes you think you have known them for a long time.

There is this bank in my area which I go very often. It’s a small bank but has a lot of customers . When you enter the bank premises, you almost immediately feel gloomy and quiet. The reason is because everyone in the bank feels the same. There is so much seriousness in the air. Everyone including myself just wants to get to business and leave.

There was one day when an elderly man entered this bank. As he came in, he paused at the entrance and said in a low tone ” Good morning everyone” but there was no response.

Then in loud tone he said ” Good morning everyone” Now people responded “Good Morning”. The next thing he said was ” What’s going on! Did somebody die? Are we mourning anyone! I have never seen a place this quiet”

Everyone could not help but laugh which made the old man grin. He seemed to have made everyone in the bank so cheerful. Though, the bank still is gloomy and quiet today, I still cannot forget the old man and how he electrified the whole place with happiness.


My late uncle once told me that there is beauty in imperfection. I could not swallow this so easily so I made him to explain more. He explained that no human was perfect but if you looked closely, you would discover that every man is unique.

So I learned to look closely at people and not judge them by my sentiments. This helped me in the University. I met a lot of bad people and even worst people who gave me a whole lot of experience.

One time, when my friend cheated me on a deal and under-paid me for a good that belonged to me. I wanted to report him to the authorities but after thinking about it, I made him look good because he was going through financial problems and needed the money urgently. I understood his situation.

By the time I was through with the University, I learnt a lesson; the difference between a good, bad and worst person is their perception of life. I had bad friends who felt that life was cheating on them and they needed to get even. Some would blame the government and claim they were Robbin Hood of the future.

Most people are not just bad or worst overnight, what makes them bad or worst is the way they have been programmed to think of life.  


There are people you meet in your life that stick closer than a brother. They are not perfect but their presence gives you good memories. They make you become a better “YOU”. I am happy to have met such people and I am sure you have too.

So treasure such friends, family and loved ones and keep them close.