Stop Comparing...You are wasting time and energy..

Posted on Thu Jul 27, 2017
Posted By Admin

Before start this topic my question is why we are compairing ? A great line said by Ralph Waldo Emerson ““To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
It is important to know we all have different specific long term personal goals. Yours may be similar to someone else but when broken down specifically it will be different. It is your own and no one else. Focus all your energy on your goals only to admire and wish others the best in their pursuits. Always remember, you are never going to be the best at everything, so stop comparing yourself to others.  When you focus too much on what someone else has, you lose momentum in pursuing your own goals.

The only person you should ever compare yourself too is your former self. Look for ways to use this as motivation to make healthy and positive changes with habits and behaviors that serve you toward your long term goal. Becoming your better self is a great accomplishment from where you were in the past. Again, you do not need to be in competition with anyone else, and you can still admire the accomplishments of others, without slowing your momentum.  No one wins when comparing you to others. The key is to know what you are made and playing to your strengths to reach your desired objective. Life is not about who wins and who has the most, but about how each person lived to their better-self adding value every step of the way.